Sean McManamon

Sean McManamon

Creative Director

Sean has been a member of the team at Design With Style since we were formed in 2012. He started out with us as a Web Designer with responsibility for designing and creating functional and visually striking websites for our customers. Sean has grown with the company and in 2017, after years of long hours and dedication to his clients, he was promoted to the role of Creative Director.

Sean’s day to day role sees him in regular contact with both prospective clients and those who have hired our services. Sean takes great pride in learning as much as possible about a client’s business. This allows him to provide solutions so their website returns as much revenue as possible. He takes personal responsibility for the majority of our projects, being a direct point of contact to each and every client.

What Makes Him Tick?

Customer satisfaction is one of Sean’s core principles and he places significant emphasis on this. His value is one he works hard to instil in the other members of his team. Many clients are impressed by the flexibility Sean offers. Indeed it’s not uncommon for colleagues working on projects to receive messages following his scheduled late night and weekend catch ups with his clients.

Sean has over a decades experience in the web design industry and has a thorough understanding of all things related. But Sean’s also extremely passionate about helping business grow and get the most from their online services, including their website. After all the websites he has worked on and reviewed, few people are better placed to understand what entices consumers to engage and what turns them off.

Sean’s Background

Sean originally hails from West Yorkshire and is engaged to his partner with whom he has 2 young children. Parenthood found him after he began working at Design With Style and he himself admits it has changed him beyond recognition. Always the comedian, Sean has overcome the sleepless nights to slowly once again become the practical joker we know and love.

Sean’s hobbies include football, rugby and politics. As he readily admits he is far from a prop forward and more of a spectator then a player! He is also a regular swimmer, and a competent dart player for his local pub team.

A vital member of our team, Sean is highly thought of by all his colleagues and watching the development of his career to date has being a pleasure.