Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Senior Designer

Sarah began her career after obtaining a degree in Graphic Design in 2014 by joining Design With Style. By her own admission designing websites wasn’t amongst her planned roles. However, after a 3-month apprenticeship she hasn’t looked back and now leads our small design team.

Sarah has worked on almost every web design project we have undertaken and takes a hands-on role in each. By exchanging thoughts ideas with her colleagues, few design options appear are presented that she hasn’t tweaked.

Famed in the office for her love of brainstorming sessions (it’s not unheard of for people to be hauled back from their lunch break to join in!), we’ve grown to love Sarah’s quirky style. In her time with Design With Style, Sarah has only ever worn a suit once – and that was her interview!

What Makes Sarah Tick?

Sarah’s first few months witnessed some of the most abstract, random design options we’ve ever produced. Yet she quickly learnt the importance of placing the visitor’s user journey ahead of outlandish, stand out colour explosions.

Despite this, Sarah retains the capacity to produce incredible visual work and is the go-to person for any of our projects where a client requests random design features.

Sarah also looks after the Logo Design and Branding Services we offer and personally signs off every design. This ensures all work we produce meets her high standards and she is rightly proud of the graphics they produce for each and every customer.

Sarah’s Background

Sarah grew up in the creative hub of Camden, North London and retains that cheeky Cockney persona to this day. Having graduated from university in Bristol, love brought her to Cambridge and she hasn’t looked back since.

Sarah lives with her partner, 3 dogs and 2 lizards. Her hobbies include art (shockingly enough!), travelling (no Christmas in the UK since 2008!) and Chinese cooking. Indeed, Sarah has learnt the hard way that bringing the previous nights cooking in usually ends badly as the whole office insists on a sample.

She has never hidden her ambition and Sarah dreams of emigrating to Canada. Eventually she’ll wear down her partner and be off, leaving the whole office with a gaping hole where her incredible talent and wonderful, quirky humour would be sorely missed.

But until that day we continue to enjoy seeing the designs Sarah will produce for our future clients. Not to mention which crazy fashion trends she’ll be waltzing into the office showcasing!