Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick

Senior Developer

Andy, our Senior Web Developer is an inspiration to us all here at Design With Style. He left school at 16 to pursue an Apprenticeship with his uncle’s building firm. Just three months later he suffered a serious accident and tragically this career path was closed to him.

However, then 17-year-old Andy’s response wasn’t to sit feeling sorry for himself, instead he commenced studying in web design and development with the goal of joining his brother at Design With Style. Just 6 months later, he joined our team eager to put his new found knowledge into practice.

Andy’s drive saw him quickly learn everything there is to know about developing terrific websites and when his brother relocated he was the stand out candidate to take charge if the Development team. He continues to inspire not only his own team but each and every person he comes into contact with.

What Makes Andy Tick?

Positivity and enthusiasm provide the answer to this question. Andy simply never ever gets stressed or negative. Present him with a deadline and he invariably meets it, with the minimum of fuss.

Andy is viewed by his colleagues as dependable and eager to share his vast knowledge. (sometimes too eager!) He has no qualms sharing his opinions on a project, and his formidable skillset have played a huge role in growing Design With Style.

One of Andy’s greatest talent’s lie in the field of SEO. He simply devours the latest recommendations and includes this in all his development tasks, saving us significant time having to go over his coding to ensure it is compliant. At times it feels like Andy fulfils numerous roles, all massively benefitting our clients.

Andy’s Background

Andy is a local boy who grew up in Cambridge and, unlike his brother, has never strayed. After the trauma of the accident which denied him his apprenticeship in bricklaying his calling was Web Development and he has never looked back.

Andy is a massive football fan, and fanatical about Tottenham Hotspur. His season ticket is his pride and joy. As the sole Spurs fan at Design with Style this leads to some lively debates amongst the team!

Andy is currently single, though very much by choice! In his own words he’s far too much of a free spirit to be tied down and he is yet to find the lady willing to play second fiddle to his beloved Spurs!

Andy is an absolute joy to work with and is an integral part of our company.