My Home started as a small, local residential cleaning business ran by a couple. They slowly started increasing their team. They wanted to expand further to cover more areas in London , boost their business and be found by new customers.

These clients didn’t have a clear picture in their head of how they want their site to look, but it was essential for their brand and colour scheme to remain the same as what is already used in their work uniform.

They didn’t have a massive budget and wanted to work with design experts that could get across exactly what they do, the right way. Their aim was to have a site that showcased their cheery personality and bright energy as well as their dedication to providing a wide range of reliable services.

They contacted our team at Battlestar Web Design and liked our positive can do attitude and strong understanding of their goals and didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere to compare prices, as they believed our rates were fair for the high quality service we provide.

We specialise in cleaning web design as it’s one of our favourite markets to design for. So, knowing we had plenty of experience designing lovely cleaning websites meant they had complete trust in that the outcome would be successful.

Our team and My Home began their process by having a chat, where they discussed themselves, their requirements, their budget and competitors. This helped the team to put together a friendly quote that will not only remain in their budget, but meet all of their requirements too.

We looked at this clients competitors to determine what they are doing right and what they could improve on, to reflect on how My Home can compete effectively against them.