Madina Property

Madina Property hired the team at Design With Style to create them a brand new website that could be used by all their clients, be them tenants looking for a property, or landlords or vendors looking to rent and sell properties.

We started by developing different functions for each type of user, ensuring each area met that visitors need. We followed this by designing a wireframe that compartmentalised different sections on pages to ensure visitors didn’t get confused with too much information.

The website was then passed over to Madina who can, with the minimum of fuss, add new properties at any time they wish.

You can visit and browse Madina Property's website to see how we included numerous sections tailored to the needs of the different visitors.

Project details

  • Type Of Site: Custom Web Design
  • Budget Range: £10,000-£14,000
  • Time Frame: 10 Weeks
  • Our Rating For Project: 4.8 out of 5
  • Clients Rating For Project: 5 out of 5