Catch A Love Cheat

Our clients at Catch A Love Chat wanted a content based website dedicated to catching cheating partners. The lovely people behind the site are trained investigators and aim to help those in relationships find out if their suspicions are just that, or worse.

They required a text heavy site with relevant images to inform their potential customers of who they are, what they do and how they can help. It was important for the site to be feature an online questionnaire and payment page for customers to pay for their services.

We created a site that informed users of the service they provide as soon as they landed onsite. We made sure the site had a clever layout that encourages users to navigate to the different information pages and so make contact with the company.

The online questionnaire and online payment form needed to be straightforward to use, so we made sure it was very simple. To do this, we tested it out to make sure no potential problems arose.

Project details

  • Brochure Web Design: