Optimising Engagement | Boosting Conversions On Ecommerce Sites

Optimising Engagement | Boosting Conversions On Ecommerce Sites

In the third part of our series exploring how you can optimise visitor engagement with your website we turn our attention to ecommerce websites.

Specifically, we are looking at how to boost conversions on your ecommerce site. After all, the core aim of any ecommerce website is for people who visit it to spend money and make a purchase. Or, to convert.

When running an online store, you will be consistently doing everything that you can to boost your sales. You want to make your ecommerce website as easy to use and as interesting as possible – and this in turn will make your customers happy.

Having great web content can help to push your profits higher through increased sales. It’s all about converting those website visitors into paying customers, and your content is going to be the key to doing that.

Good conversion rates

Most businesses think about the average conversion rates for ecommerce sites then try to build their websites and content around that. It’s important to let go of and forget these averages. There are so many variables that can affect your conversion rates, and it is the quality of the traffic that you get is far more important than focusing on your current conversion numbers.

Rates of around 2% are common, but it’s going to be in the pages of your ecommerce site that will boost your personal conversion rate and help engage with customers that can trust your brand. So, what does your ecommerce site need to really push for those conversions and profit?


Quality images

If you are selling a product online, there is one thing that you need to have that is more important than anything else. Quality product images!

No one wants to buy a product that is unclear, grainy and far away; why do you think fast food restaurants do so well in bringing in the customers? The secret is in the imagery that is used because that is what the visitor sees before the product description (though this, too, is important).

People will judge the produce you’re selling based on the picture of it. So, it makes for a shrewd investment to ensure you get the right images for your ecommerce site.

computer designed cartoon of a high street with delivery van with driver carrying parcels to pass to other man and large flat screen monitor in centre of street

Catchy content

Product descriptions, infographics and blogs are crucial to boosting your ecommerce sales. The type of content you use – between text-rich blogs and infographics – will depend on the target audience and who you are trying to reach.

Some people, especially those who seek out businesses for solutions, prefer to read content that is to the point, witty and humorous. Others prefer to look for infographics so that they can take in information much easier.

It’s vital to avoid being vague and filling the content up with unnecessary fluff. You need to be to the point to keep people interested.

Intriguing videos

More and more, people are looking toward YouTube and other video platforms to watch others talk to them. Take note of the fact that video is the future of online sales.

This is due in large part to people paying far more attention to someone talking to them rather than reading copy. Therefore, adding product videos and customising these to whom you are selling is going to make you rather popular and boost those conversion rates.

Modern customers want to be entertained, informed and encouraged. If your ecommerce site can encompass all these things, you’re going to be popular. And popularity equals conversions!

Let’s Recap

As we’ve learnt, the importance of images and, increasingly, video, cannot be overstated. So, investing the time and effort in these will reap huge benefits.

As a bonus, high quality images and videos can also play an effective role in your digital marketing strategies. Driving more traffic, and traffic that is likely to convert – Sounds like a winner to us!

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