The Nuts & Bolts Of An SEO Strategy – Online Directory Listings

The Nuts & Bolts Of An SEO Strategy – Online Directory Listings

In the first of our brand-new series which will break down the different parts (or nuts and bolts) that constitute an effective SEO strategy we are turning our focus on a key part of ‘Off-Site SEO’ – Securing a business listing on online directory websites.

Off-Site SEO

Your SEO ranking is determined by many different things, some of which encompass off-site SEO. This term encompasses any work to improve your SEO that isn’t conducted on your website itself. Its main aim is to grow your site by giving people plenty of ways to find it – primarily through links.

The best method of establishing links to your site involves two types of site. Creating your own page or account on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide links from high authority, high traffic sites.

You also should use online directories to ensure that the relevant details you want your customers to know are obvious and appear high in the rankings. Directories are incredibly important. This is especially true while you are setting up your business and growing your website. This is due to a directory listing carrying authority that you can use to boost your results and help people find you.

Even for businesses without a website, a listing on a directory that provides a name, address and phone number can help get your business up and running.

NAP - Name, Address, Phone Number

When you are setting up your directory listings, it is critical that you ensure consistency with your details. This means that your name is written exactly the same, the address is identical and the phone number is the same one on every site.

Consistency is the key to boosting your business up the rankings. Google can see that the information is the same on each site. This simple cross-reference will make a persuasive case that your business is legitimate. Getting your address right is even more important as spam websites are significantly less likely to have an address attached.

The SEO resource website Moz has a great Whiteboard Friday that goes into a lot of detail as it discusses the benefits of creating consistent listings. It also offers advice for editing old listings that might have used different information.

diagram of an ecosystem that shows how having a listing on online directory benefits seo

Using Local Directories

The more directories you are listed in, the more likely you are to rise through the rankings. With directories the phrase ‘The more the merrier’ is apt. The value of sheer volume as viewed by Google cannot be overstated.

However, you should not spend hours and hours of your time getting your listing onto sites just because they exist. First, you should try to get a listing on the bigger players such as Yell, Google My Business, Scoot etc.

Yet, you shouldn’t overlook the value of a local directory. If you are a local business looking for customers nearby then this type of directory is likely to be the most valuable to you. Does a plumber or electrician in Cambridge really need to receive queries from customers in Glasgow?

Tie in Your Listings With Your SEO Strategy

SEO should always be a balance of methods and the more you do, the more likely it is that your website will survive and thrive. As well as putting your details onto directories - and checking up on them every so often to keep them up to date - you should also be looking at other methods such as blogging, social and Google ads, optimising your site and much, much more.

SEO is a long game and won’t sprout results overnight but what you do now will lay the groundwork for all your future efforts.

Check back next week when our SEO guru will be explaining how to optimise your content for SEO.

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