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Combining cutting edge design and a user friendly interface, our commitment to you is to create you a website ‘Designed With Style.’

Our Projects

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DanceEast are a registered charity offering a variety of dance classes and performances to the community in Suffolk. They approached us as they felt their old website was dated and …

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Roka Japanese Restaurant’s

Roka Japanese Restaurant’s

London chain of Japanese restaurant's, Roka, hired our web design team to design and develop a bespoke website with a clear vision. The team at Roka are rightly incredibly proud …

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Madina Property

Madina Property

Madina Property hired the team at Design With Style to create them a brand new website that could be used by all their clients, be them tenants looking for a …

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Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour

Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour

King’s Cross approached the Design With Style team looking for us to make their visions a reality. As a tattoo artist, you can imagine they had some fantastic visual concepts. …

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Toxic Fox

Toxic Fox

Toxic Fox came to us as a group of entrepeuners determined to create a fun website selling a variety of gift ideas. The key in this project was bright, colourful …

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Shilling Group

Shilling Group

The Shilling Group approached us to design them a website that was ‘minimalist’ and ‘simple’ for the visitor to quickly understand the services they offered. They also requested a multi …

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The Potting Shed Pub

The Potting Shed Pub

One of our earliest projects, we were hired by the Potting Shed Pub to design a site with an emphasis on simplicity and elegance. Our team were asked to create …

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Mitten Clarke

Mitten Clarke

Mitten Clarke came to Design With Style in 2014 asking us to design something ‘a little different’ to your average accountancy firm, and to include an area specifically for their …

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Brochure Web Design

Your business is like no other business out there. You have unique qualities that make your existing customers…

Ecommerce Web Design

Humour me and imagine working 24/7 without closing the doors to your store. Do you see yourself rushed…

SEO & Marketing

There is more to online sales success than just having a website. Search engine optimisation ensures potential customers…

Logo Design

Your logo is how your customers recognise your business. A company logo also sets you apart from the…

Website Hosting

Behind every successful website is a fast, reliable and secure web host. In addition to our website design…

Print & Branding

Offline marketing still attracts many customers for your business, especially from within your local community…

Web Design Solutions Across Various Sectors.

Our highly skilled and experienced web design team have created websites for clients across a vast array of industries. Below is just a selection of what we can do for you.
Government/Local Authority Services
We’ve created websites for a diverse number of Government bodies and councils. These sites have varied in need, but we recognise the importance of deadlines and building sites that meet numerous requirements. Creating educational and informative content has been a feature of our work with local Government agencies and creating easy to use interfaces that enable visitors to easily utilise the services of the website.
Hotel/Bed & Breakfast Websites
We’ve recommended that websites we build for hotels and other guest properties offer two services to the visitor. Firstly, a visitor should be able to both check availability for a given date and book a room on the website. In addition, the website should also show off the property and encourage the visitor to book. We achieve this through both enticing images of the hotel and its location coupled with engaging text that promotes and encourages bookings. We also offer our customers SEO services where we create a targeted campaign with the goal of making their property the number one Google ranked property in their local area.
Restaurant/Café Web Design
Over the years we’ve created over a dozen websites for food outlets including high class restaurants and local cafes. We identify with our customers which features will provide them with value, creating a website that encourages online visitors to physically attend. From minimalistic designs that let the food do the talking, right through to the inclusion of a feature that allows the visitor to order their meal prior to arrival – our team can provide your eatery with solutions to every need.
Medical Services Website Development
We are proud to have designed and developed websites in behalf of Doctor’s Surgeries, Dental Practices and other similar healthcare service providers. Our developers have crafted the software that allows patients to register with the site, opening up a variety of services to them. From booking appointments to obtaining results – our team can save your practice vital man hours with our cutting edge, secure technology.
Sports Teams
Our team are immensely proud to have created websites for over 20 sports teams. Be it a local amateur football team to a GAA club in Northern Ireland, our team relish designing a website that allow the club members to easily keep their followers abreast with the latest information and results. From technical log in features that allow members to complete and submit paperwork online, through to an ecommerce facility, so fans can purchase tickets and merchandise, our team will work with your club to determine the features necessary to help your team grow and add value in your community.
Professional Services
From legal firms to accountants, our team have developed solutions to meet the business and client needs of professional service providers of various sizes. We have included features such as an online appointment booking tool that assist our clients in ensuring their website meets the needs of both new and existing clients.
Ecommerce Start-ups
With large numbers of people starting an ecommerce venture, it will be no surprise to learn that we’ve worked with entrepreneurs from all walks of life to make their online store a success that generates profit. With our awareness of the potential budget constraints start ups may operate under, our team work to find the solutions that deliver a substantial return on the investment.
Travel Agency
As consumers continue to book holidays online, we’ve worked with several travel providers to develop features and functions that allow their visitors to book online with confidence. Our designers’ keen eye for visuals see them incorporate stunning images of destinations, all done to maximise the site’s conversion rate.
Good Quality Websites Improve Sales!

We Build Websites That Actually Improve Sales!

Our Cambridge web design team understand that a website needs to meet 2 essential needs. Firstly, we create a design that reflects your businesses individuality and attracts visitors.

We place huge emphasis on how visitors react once they’ve arrived. Every web page is designed and built with converting that visitor in mind, and we work with you to do this effectively.


In depth research into your business and agreeing website features & requirements.


Creation of wireframes and layouts for you to select the visual aspect of your site.


Experienced developers create your website's pages, adding features and content.

Going Live

Final checks are made to ensure your site is perfect before we make it live.

Our Process

We’ve spent years perfecting our process so you know exactly how we create a bespoke website, tailored to your needs. As our previous clients can testify, it’s a process that works.

Stage One – The Design Brief
After placing an order with Design With Style we ask that you complete our detailed Design Brief that tells us the information and pages you want us to include in your website. During this phase your Project Manager is on hand to guide you through the process with advice and suggestions to ensure nothing is missed. At the same time, we will also be researching your industry, and if you have included our SEO optimisation service we’ll also be hard at work to determine the highest value keywords so your website is placed to rank highly on search engines from the day it goes live.
Stage Two – The Wireframe And Design Process
Once we have received your Design Brief our highly skilled design specialists commence the exciting process of designing the wireframe/layout of your site. Based on the pages they can ascertain how many calls to action your homepage should feature and work on generating navigation tools. We then liaise with you to consider any revisions that may be necessary so that before we commence developing the website itself you are 100% satisfied with the way it will look.
Stage Three – Development Stage One
Once the wireframe is approved our development gurus get straight to work making the vision a web reality as the building of the website gets underway. Using state of the art, lightweight coding the pages agreed in the Design Brief are created and we can arrange access so that you can even see these pages as they take shape.
Stage Four – Development Stage Two
Once the main pages have been built our team then begin adding your content. Ahead of this point, clients who have chosen either our Content Creation or SEO Services will have their content written or reviewed as per their package. We add all content with Google’s bots and algorithm’s in mind as well as your visitors. We work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final pages.
Stage Five – Testing Before Going Live
Once the final version of the website has been reviewed by you and signed off we then conduct testing to ensure all links work properly and features work effectively. Once this is concluded we then make your website live and voila! Your new website is ready and available for the world to visit and engage with.

May We Present Our Web Design Team

Sean McManamon

Sean McManamon

Sean has been a member of the team at Design With Style since we were formed in 2012. He started
Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Sarah began her career after obtaining a degree in Graphic Design in 2014 by joining Design With Style. By her
Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick

Andy, our Senior Web Developer is an inspiration to us all here at Design With Style. He left school at


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