At Design With Style we have very simple and straightforward terms.

1) All projects will be agreed in writing via email including;
a) what the customer will get for their money
b) what the payment terms are

2) The customer will be required to pay all payments by bank transfer.

3) Once the first payment is received the customer will need to pay all agreed fees even if the customer cancels the project. If we cancel the project the customer will not be charged again.

4) Unless started, 1 months website hosting is included within our website design packages. After 1 month the customer will be charged at £55 per month.

5) The customer hires us to use our skills to complete their project. We also use our own judgement and interpretation of their requirements.

6) Completion times are estimates only. Sometimes it can take longer than we anticipated.

7) If we argree that a customer can pay for a project in installments, this is strictly on the condition that payments are received in full within 7 days. The client agrees that they will pay for the project in full, if they do not pay any installments within 7 days.

8) We have a right to be credited for our work. The client agrees that they will pay us an additional £12,000 if any of the credits are removed or changed from the bottom of the website pages. By credits we mean something like "Web Design By Design With Style". They will be up to 30 words, of our choice, and up to 4 links back to our or other websites. Its important that clients are aware that they MUST not change or remove these at any time or the fee of £12,000 will become due.

Even if you have other people working on the website in the future they must not be moved, changed or removed in any way whatsoever. As long as any of our design work, coding, images or anything else we have created or supplied remains on the website the text and links must remain at the bottom of every page. If new pages are created on the site these must be added or the £12,000 fee will become due.

If a customer takes anything from a website we have created and uses it on another website/domain we have not created we still must be credited in the same way. If not the £12,000 fee will become due.


1) The Client agrees to make all payments to us within 5 working days of being first asked to make the payment. This helps to prevent delays with the project.

2) If we have agreed a structured payment term for the project, it is on the strict condition that first payment is received at the outset of the contract, and the final payment is received when the project is 75% completed. The Client agrees that they will solely go by our judgement of when the project is 75% complete.

3) Any and all additional services ordered via the Design Brief will be fully paid for within 5 working days of the design brief being submitted.

4) All payments will be made by Bank Transfer. Card payment and PayPal payments are subject to an additional fee of £250 each.

5) All outstanding fees become due if the Client cancels, ends or does not continue with the project.

6) The Client authorises that we can, at our own discretion, take payment of outstanding and due fees whenever we see fit.

7) The full payment becomes due after we have waited for a Design Brief for more than 14 days; or any other piece of information that is needed for us to provide the service, for more than 7 days.